Image Name MRP Selling Price Total Amount Quantity
2 3/4`Kuruvi crackers Rs.36  Rs.7
3`Lakshmi crackers Rs.60  Rs.12
4`Lakshmi crackers Rs.80  Rs.16
4` Lakshmi Deluxe Rs.110  Rs.22
Gold Lakshmi crackers Rs.110  Rs.22
4` Two sound crackers Rs.110  Rs.22
Bahubali Crackers Rs.175  Rs.35
Ground chakkar big10pcs Rs.150  Rs.30
Ground chakkar big 25pcs Rs.500  Rs.100
Ground chakkar Asoka Rs.350  Rs.70
Ground chakkar Special Rs.420  Rs.84
Ground chakkar Deluxe Rs.550  Rs.110
Flower pots small Rs.200  Rs.40
Flower pots Big Rs.350  Rs.70
Flower pots Special Rs.425  Rs.85
Flower pots Asoka Rs.550  Rs.110
Color koti Rs.700  Rs.140
1.5`Twinkling Star Rs.125  Rs.25
4` Twinkling Star Rs.360  Rs.72
Ultra Color Pencil Rs.380  Rs.76
Asrafi Small Rs.300  Rs.60
Asrafi Big Rs.380  Rs.76
Rocket Bomb Rs.375  Rs.75
Lunik Express Rs.600  Rs.120
Two Sound Rocket Rs.600  Rs.120
Whistling Rocket Rs.800  Rs.160
3 Sound Rocket Rs.680  Rs.136
Red Bijili (100Pcs) Rs.150  Rs.30
Stripped Bijili Rs.160  Rs.32
Atom Bomb Big Rs.225  Rs.45
Hydro Bomb Rs.300  Rs.60
Classic Bomb Rs.375  Rs.75
Marshal King Bomb Rs.500  Rs.100
Dragon Bomb Rs.750  Rs.150
200 Wala Garland Rs.0  Rs.0
300 Wala Garland Rs.0  Rs.0
600 Wala Garland Rs.0  Rs.0
1000 Wala Garland (S) Rs.0  Rs.0
1000 Wala Garland (F) Rs.0  Rs.0
2000 Wala Garland Rs.0  Rs.0
5000 Wala Garland Rs.0  Rs.0
10000 Wala Garland Rs.0  Rs.0
100 wala Rs.0  Rs.0
Darling Butterfly Rs.375  Rs.75
Sun Light or Gold Rush Rs.600  Rs.120
Disco Shower (5 pcs) Rs.450  Rs.90
Photo Flash Rs.450  Rs.90
Whisling Wheel Rs.675  Rs.135
Pamparam Rs.575  Rs.115
Scoop Rs.650  Rs.130
Fox Star Rs.600  Rs.120
Tweet and 6000 Rs.750  Rs.150
Sing Pop Rs.650  Rs.130
Peacock Feather or color Rain Rs.550  Rs.110
Twix or Luminous Rs.750  Rs.150
Selfi Stick Rs.600  Rs.120
Dup Tip Rs.875  Rs.175
Drone or Helicoptor Rs.500  Rs.100
Smoke (3 Pcs) Rs.825  Rs.165
Siren Rs.1000  Rs.200
Cocoloco Rs.675  Rs.135
Whatsup Rs.700  Rs.140
High voltage Rs.750  Rs.150
Lollipop Rs.750  Rs.150
1 Up Rs.875  Rs.175
Magic Peacock Rs.875  Rs.175
Chotta Fancy pipe Rs.220  Rs.44
2` Fancy pipe Rs.600  Rs.120
chotta Fancy (5 in 1) Rs.875  Rs.175
23/4` Fancy pipe Rs.875  Rs.175
3` Fancy pipe Rs.1125  Rs.225
3.5` Fancy pipe Rs.1500  Rs.300
2` Fancy (3 Pcs) pipe Rs.1125  Rs.225
3.5` Seven Wonders pipe Rs.1875  Rs.375
4'' Fancy (Single Ball) Pipe Rs.1750  Rs.350
4'' Fancy (Double Ball) Pipe Rs.2000  Rs.400
5'' Fancy Pipe Rs.2250  Rs.450
12 Shots Colour Rs.750  Rs.150
12 Shots Crackling Rs.875  Rs.175
7 Shots Rs.550  Rs.110
30 Shots Multi Colour Rs.2000  Rs.400
60 Shots Multi Colour Rs.4000  Rs.800
120 Shots Multi Colour Rs.7500  Rs.1500
240 Shots Multi Colour Rs.15000  Rs.3000
12 Shots Explode Rs.1000  Rs.200
12 Shots Multi Colour Rs.1000  Rs.200
10 CM Electric Sparklers Rs.110  Rs.22
10 CM Colour Sparklers Rs.120  Rs.24
10 CM Green Sparklers Rs.140  Rs.28
10 CM Red Sparklers Rs.160  Rs.32
12 CM Electric Sparklers Rs.175  Rs.35
12 CM Colour Sparklers Rs.190  Rs.38
15 CM Electric Sparklers Rs.230  Rs.46
15 CM Colour Sparklers Rs.250  Rs.50
15 CM Green Sparklers Rs.270  Rs.54
15 CM Red Sparklers Rs.280  Rs.56
30 CM Electric Sparklers Rs.230  Rs.46
30 CM Colour Sparklers Rs.250  Rs.50
30 CM Green Sparklers Rs.270  Rs.54
30 CM Red Sparklers Rs.280  Rs.56
Red Bloom Rs.875  Rs.175
Silver Moon Rs.875  Rs.175
Little Fish Rs.875  Rs.175
Gold Coin Rs.875  Rs.175
Green Flash Rs.875  Rs.175
Gold Feast Rs.875  Rs.175
Blue Ice Rs.875  Rs.175
Reen Garden Rs.875  Rs.175
Miss Butterfly Rs.875  Rs.175
Spinner Asoka Rs.600  Rs.120
Spinner Deluxe Rs.875  Rs.175
Spinner (red&Green) Rs.600  Rs.120
Ziglers Candle Rs.1000  Rs.200
Twist Candle Rs.1000  Rs.200
Color Magic Whip Rs.650  Rs.130
Tin Tin Music Rs.1150  Rs.230
Whiz Wheel Rs.750  Rs.150
Top Gun Rs.1125  Rs.225
Old is Gold Rs.750  Rs.150
Paisa Bazaar Rs.1000  Rs.200
Angry Bird Rs.1000  Rs.200
Amazing 5in 1 Rs.875  Rs.175
Chunmun mutpot Rs.875  Rs.175
Tricolor Fountain Rs.1100  Rs.220
4x4 wheel Rs.750  Rs.150
Double Attraction Fountain Rs.900  Rs.180
King Crackling Rs.1000  Rs.200
Double wonder Fountain Rs.700  Rs.140

Total :

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